Meet The Staff

The CoreHealth Team

Our staff works closely with Dr. Peay to structure a customized, total-body wellness program that works in harmony to deliver the most effective treatment protocol.

  • Meet Billy Young

    Billy is our Director of Operations. He worked as an executive in the insurance industry for many years and retired early. He is invaluable and a true asset to our practice.

  • Meet Alex Reyes

    Alex has been a member of the CoreHealth team since September 2014. Alex earned her Associates degree in Liberal Science in 2019, and is continuing her education to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her vision includes changing the public’s opinion on physical medicine vs. actual medicine and would like to bring more of a holistic mentality into an emergency room. Chiropractic care first sparked her interest when she realized the long-term benefit adjustments can have on your overall health and the importance of abstaining from medication. Alex values teamwork and the influence members have on each other for the well-being of patients and everyone she surrounds herself with. She prides herself in being able to relate to others and always has a smile on her face.

  • Meet Alexia Peña Cruz

    After receiving an academic scholarship from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Alexia moved to Dallas in 2013. She attended the University of North Texas and earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a focus in Allied Health in 2017. Upon graduation, Alexia worked as a Physical Therapy Technician and Chiropractic Assistant where she taught patients corrective exercises and how to stay out of pain. She has been a member of the CoreHealth team since February 2020 and is always looking for new ways to grow, adapt, and be the best version of herself for the prosperity of others.

  • Meet Robbie Reif LMT

    Robbie has been a massage therapist since 2008, with focus on therapeutic muscle work. Robbie has had extensive training in deep tissue, as well as Thai massage, and  myofascial release. Prior to becoming a massage therapist Robbie served in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman (medic). 

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