Cranial Facial Release Technique - CFR

Frequently Asked Questions about Cranial Facial Release

How long have doctors been performing cranial adjustments?

The use of a balloon for cranial adjusting began in the 1940’s. Cranial adjusting itself, however, has been practiced for centuries.  It is commonly known as Endonasal, Bilateral Nasal Specific, Cranial Restructuring and various others. 

How often do I need treatments?

Optimal results are achieved with a Series beginning and completing within 7-10 days.  Many people require a total of 3 to 4 Series o CFR for optimal results.  Some cases require more.  If you are traveling from out of town and can only schedule a few days, we may do two treatments in one day. 

Does the process hurt?

Patients describe the feeling of “pressure” but not pain for approximately one or one and a half seconds.

If I recently fractured my nose or have history of surgery / surgeries, may I receive treatment?

Not if you’ve experienced this within the past 6-8 weeks depending on your case. This will be discussed during your CFR consultation.

How young or old can you be for CFR - cranial facial release - treatment?

Cranial and spinal misalignments can impair ability to function at 100%.  Thus, a careful cranial treatment on a child or adult may be indicated and improve symptoms / complaints considerably.


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