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  • "I started seeing Dr. Peay with chronic lower back pain and occurrences of sharp pains that would cause me to almost black out. After a couple of months of treatment, I was no longer suffering the sharp pains and the lower back pain continues to melt away with Dr. Peay’s treatment. It has truly been a “life changing” treatment plan for me – and one for a better life!""
    Charley L.
  • "Thanks Dr. Peay for making me feel SO much better and definitely more able to keep doing all my workouts and activities! You are THE BEST!!!!"
    Jenny R
  • "The care I received was truly life changing. I have had back problems since my early twenties. (Dr. Peay) told me to come by his office for 4 days of treatment while I was (visiting Dallas). At this point I had been waking up with a headache- a headache that went from where my neck meets my shoulders all the way round to my forehead for at least 2 years. At the end of every day of work my lower back literally had me hunched over. The first thing I did every morning was take 3 ibuprofen, the first of around 9 every day.

    After the four treatments I was ALL FIXED! It has been about five months and absolutely zero headaches and my lower back is so good I can now take the steps to keep it that way. I do not have to get a new pillow every month any more. I feel like I have my life back. No more pain pills! I cannot thank Dr. Peay and his staff enough for the kind and compassionate care I received. Truly a life changing event."
    Martin I.
  • "I want to thank Dr. Peay for his care and support over the past seven years I've seen him. Last year, I was diagnosed with a large disc herniation with severe nerve compression and was in a tremendous amount of pain. Through quite a few adjustments and decompressions with Dr. Peay and with treatment from a fantastic pain specialist (also recommended by Dr. Peay), my recent MRI shows the disc herniation is almost completely resorbed (gone).

    What I appreciate the most about treatment from Dr. Peay is that he appreciates my active physical lifestyle, and doesn't tell me as past chiropractors have to stop challenging physical activity. Rather, his treatment plans take into account my physical activity goals.

    Thanks, too, to Billy and Alex who make visiting Dr. Peay a pleasurable experience."
    John G.
  • "I have never had any doctor take the time to sit and listen to me like Dr. Peay."
    Jan C.
  • "Dr. Peay is the man! I’ve never had a doctor pay such personal attention before. The kind of service that he provides is the kind of service that you want from a doctor. CoreHealth always delivers."
    Phil A.
  • "Dr Eric Peay and his team are the best! Caring, knowledgeable and excellent professionals ... Regular adjustments are the key to keeping my body aligned and tuned up! Thank you one and all."
    Keith C.
  • "I saw Dr. Peay b/c of my head and neck pain about 4 years ago. I was a little scared at first, but over time, my headaches were going away and the pain was going away. Dr. Peay and his staff are so nice and helpful and I highly recommend CoreHealth Wellness to anyone looking to see a chiropractor.
    I recently moved out of the Dallas area and I'm really going to miss just how great Dr. Peay is!"
    Supriya D.
  • "I have to say that I feel like I might not be walking today if I had not come to Dr Peay. He continues to help me today and I recommend him to everyone! Love you Dr Peay!"
    Janet C
  • "Greatest healthcare experience ever! After recovery from an emergency appendectomy, i began experiencing excruciating pain in my left hip and down my leg. Prior to seeing Dr Peay, I had 3 different opinions ranging from significant medication to a hip replacement. After less than 3 months of seeing Dr Peay regularly the pain was 100% relieved and has not returned.
    Not only did he help resolve the situation causing the pain, but he helped me with general lifestyle changes that have helped me realize benefits beyond my hip situation. Always on time, great service, very caring and professional. Wonderful staff as well!"
  • "I'm also VERY PLEASED to tell you i have now hit a great milestone as of yesterday and have lost 20 pounds!! 20 pounds in just 3.5 weeks I have been working with Danny. I know it's up to ME to continue on this road, eat healthy and keep up my workouts, but its YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE that help get me where I need to be. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. THANK YOU!!"
  • "For all my adult life I have suffered from seasonal allergies. Every Spring and Fall I would take prescriptions on a daily basis in an effort to control the symptoms. Since beginning chiropractic treatment and Juice Plus supplements, all allergy symptoms have ceased. I have not had to take any prescription or over-the-counter allergy medications at all."
    Trey B.
  • "Thanks again Dr. Peay -- when I came to see you last year, 2 different doctors were talking about major surgery. One was suggesting to have my hip replaced at 50 years old. After less than 3 months of steady treatments with your firm - 100% recovery with no pain. It has now been more than 3 months later and still no return of pain. Besides being a very talented, compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled Chiropractor, your friendly approach makes all the difference in the world. Thanks again - You Rock!"
    Jeff H.
  • "I started seeing Dr Peay almost 6 years ago with a troubled shoulder. Hands down this man is a miracle worker. The relief of pain I get after an adjustment is just amazing. His practice is full of warm gracious professionals and my life is better because CoreHealth & Dr. Eric Peay are part of it."
    Mark S.
  • "After a few weeks of treatment my back pain is gone. CoreHealth is a great place. Dr Peay and staff really know what they are doing and treat patients with a professional warmth."
    Cart M.
  • "You are the man! Thank You! I've never had a doctor pay me such personal attention: you spoke with your colleague about my thyroid condition, you got me a quick appointment with the podiatrist. I once had a doctor that became part of the concierge program. I had to pay to be his patient, the kind of service you are providing, is the kind of service he was supposed to provide. He never delivered. Thank you!"
  • "Dr. Peay, I could not be more pleased with the you are doing with me. You should be proud of the business you have created in the past 10+ years. I hope you realize what a huge impact you have made on peoples lives. When you sit back and think of the 100s and 100s of people you have helped. You seem to have a knack for surrounding yourself with GREAT QUALITY people. From Michele, Steven, Billy and now Grant & Danny. Keep up the great work and great impact you have."
    Mark S.

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