Carpal Tunnel

Get Pain Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Chiropractic Help

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause you great pain. It also makes your fingers numb and inhibits the use of your wrist and hand. These factors have a negative effect on your lifestyle and work capabilities. The chiropractors at CoreHealth Wellness located on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas, TX, understand the debilitating effects of carpal tunnel. Our personalized care will help to alleviate the pain and work to correct your condition.


What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is normally the result of swelling and inflammation of your wrist. As the swelling occurs, the carpal tunnel, the passageway from your wrist into your hand, becomes restricted. This restriction puts pressure on the median nerve running from your forearm into your hand. That pressure results in pain and numbness.

Carpal tunnel can be caused by a number of factors. Poor work ergonomics is one. Anatomical factors can also play a part. Some of us are born with a small carpal tunnel. That puts us at a disadvantage. Any slight irritation can further restrict the area within the passageway and put pressure on the median nerve.

What Are the Symptoms of Having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

You may experience one or several of the following symptoms in association with swelling in your wrist:

  • Numbness or your thumb and fingers, except your little finger. (The median nerve does not serve the little finger.)
  • Sometimes the sensation will feel like electric shock.
  • Severe wrist pain.
  • Loss of grip strength in your hand and fingers.
  • Inability to make a fist, pick up small objects, or perform tasks like buttoning your shirt.
  • Pain occurring when trying to hold onto something, like a steering wheel or a magazine.
  • Pain traveling past your forearm up to your shoulder.

How Can I Relieve the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

If you use your hands a lot at work, like most of us do, there are some changes and adjustments you can make to keep from putting added stress on your wrists. Start by considering the position your hands are in the most. Changing your work ergonomics can have a major impact on carpal tunnel symptoms.

Take frequent breaks. This will allow your muscles to rest. Learn some simple exercises to keep your tendons and muscles from staying compressed. If you are typing a lot, keep your hands at the same height as your elbows. If you can alternate the use of your hands at work, that will be a big help. 

If the pain and symptoms persist, it’s advisable to seek professional help. Keep in mind that even though surgery is one form of treatment to relieve the pain, it is not the only form of treatment.

Let the Fine Doctors at CoreHealth Wellness Help to Alleviate the Pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

At CoreHealth Wellness, relieving pain is a large part of our profession. Through a variety of methods and treatments, we will help your muscles to relax and reduce your inflammation. We can show you some work-related exercises that will help strengthen your wrists and prepare your hands for your type of work. Give us a call, or come and visit us at 3500 Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas, TX, and let us help you to correct this painful condition. 

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